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A silly little game coded in about 12 hours for Galway Game Jam 7. Everything, including the graphics were assembled by myself over a single day. The theme was "Charge" which I have taken to refer to energy. So my game focuses on being as lethargic as possible.

The premise is simple enough. A group of people stuck in a room having to endure the most boring team training day ever. Rather than pay attention, they've all opted to get high instead. Game play focuses on passing the joint around without the speaker noticing and trying to get everyone as stoned as possible without passing out before the joint wastes away.

A rough layout of the user interface has been provided in a screen shot, but just to explain:

  • The red bar in the top left hand corner indicates the remaining lifespan of the joint. When it depletes the game is over
  • The speaker is on the left of the screen. When he is facing left you are free to do as you please. However, when he turns to the right, you must ensure that you are not inhaling or exhaling at the time (holding a breath or passing the joint around is ok).
  • You have a few chances to get caught by the speaker before you are thrown out. These appear as three copies of his head in the upper right hand corner which will be crossed out the more often he catches you
  • The stoners are laid out in a grid to the right of the screen. To the left of each stoner are two bars. The blue one indicates how much oxygen the stoner has remaining while the pale green bar shows how stoned they are.
  • A joint will appear above the head of the stoner holding it. The joint always starts in the top-left corner
  • You can pass the joint to any adjacent stoner to the left, right, top or bottom. However, once a stoner becomes completely stoned you cannot pass the joint to them as they are too wasted to notice that you're trying to get their attention
  • You get stoned by holding the spacebar to take a drag on the joint. The longer you hold the breath for, the more stoned you become. If you hold a breath for too long your stoner will pass out and you lose the game

That, in a nutshell is the game. An abridged version of these instructions can be found under the instruction item in the main menu.

The title is taken from Bob Dylan's classic "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35"

The music is by Kevin MacLeod who so very generously makes his music available royalty free on the Internet.

Install instructions

Download the tar archive and unzip it from the terminal using

tar -zx emgs.tar.gz

Enter the everybody_must_get_stoned directory and execute the script called run.py

This game requires that python 2.7 and PyGame be installed in order to run. It has been developed on a Linux machine and tested briefly on Windows, so it should run fine on either operating system. There's no reason why it shouldn't run on Mac too.


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